About Us

Everything You Need to Know About Intelvision

Intelvision is a 100% Seychellois-owned company providing TV and internet services to the local market. We will be part of Seychelles’ success story by building a digital world for our residential and business customers to interoperate in. The future is Digital. We connect Family and Friends. We connect Business.

Our Goal

To deliver a digital world where we can all live, learn, work and play

Our Services


Intelvision Basic, Executive and Extravagance TV Bouquets and Add Ons have all of your favourite children’s, documentary, lifestyle, local, movies, music, news, series and sports channels. Choose a TV Bouquet or Add On below and register your interest now!


Intelvision are the only Internet Service Provider in Seychelles with super-fast unlimited broadband internet package offerings to the marketplace through its Amber and Crimson products. Intelvision also offer a vast array of Capped Internet packages to cater for all internet browsing requirements.


Intelvision offers an array of different products and services, which can be customised to suit your business.