Fair Use Policy

What is a Fair Use Policy?

We want our customers to enjoy surfing the internet. Our Fair Use Policy is intended to ensure that all our customers have the best experience possible and that some customers do not use our services in an unreasonable, illegal or fraudulent manner, hinder our network operations and in this way, impact the quality and reliability for other customers. We also want to ensure that everyone gets the experience from their chosen plan. Most of our customers will not be impacted by the fair usage policy.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that their internet account complies with this policy.

Why do we need a Fair Use Policy?

During peak times, many customers share the network bandwidth simultaneously. A very small percentage of our customers may use the internet service inappropriately, e.g. sending, uploading or downloading very large files, streaming “peer to peer” (P2P) TV or other video services, or using “peer to peer” (P2P) and file sharing software (which may be sending and receiving large files constantly). This means that the service quality for all users is affected, making it slower for everyone to access the internet or send and receive emails, especially during peak hours, which fluctuate between 5pm and midnight.

Our Fair Use Policy manages inappropriate use and makes sure the service can be used fairly by everyone.

How does the Fair Use Policy work?

If you use the following applications, you are more likely to break the Fair Use Policy:

  • Peer to peer (P2P) file sharing software
  • P2P TV
  • Streaming video services

Many of these applications continue to send and receive data constantly in the background. Even if you’re not downloading a file, these applications may still be transferring data.

Intelvision monitors user behaviour, if you abuse the service in a way that violates our Fair Use Policy, we may limit the speed of, or block your access to data services, or we may disconnect you.

Intelvision Ltd reserves the right to change this Fair Use Policy at any time, the most current of which will be available on www.intelvision.sc.

Fair Usage Policy (applies to Crimson / Amber customers)

The Fair Usage Policy is a 24x7x365 check, and it dynamically updates the status based on your (the clients) usage at any given point. So you would see different statuses depending on what is happening within your network during that period. That includes peak and non-peak hours. The Fair Usage restrictions do not stop you from using the internet, it will just be at slower speeds. This is done to ensure that all customers get a good overall experience.

To ensure your experience is not affected by our fair usage, we recommend our customers to stop all background downloads, updates, etc and/or schedule them to run only after midnight.

You can check your current Fair Usage status by visiting http://fus.icare.sc from any of your devices that are connected to the Crimson / Amber network. The ideal status to have is None or Low.

When and How to use the FUS check:

  1. Is your internet connection slow? (Especially during non-peak hours)
  2. Check your Fair Usage Status at http://fus.icare.sc
  3. Is it “Medium” or “High”?
  4. Stop all background downloads or data usage
  5. Check Fair Usage Status again at http://fus.icare.sc. It should come down to “Low” or “None” within a short time interval
  6. Once it’s “None” or “Low”, your internet connection should improve

To ensure all customers get a good experience for the most commonly accessed content, we prioritize traffic based on different quality of service levels.

An Example of traffic prioritization would be: Voice traffic or Whats-app chat messages would always be given priority over video streaming or streaming content will be given priority over downloads.